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Live/Cured Resin

Our top seller and fan-favorite, made by extracting dry or fresh frozen cannabis consisting of large THC-A stones swimming in a pool of strain specific terpenes. The THC-A stones generally have a potency of 95%+ cannabinoid content while the terpene fraction adds an abundance of flavor. The THC-A and terpene fraction can be mixed accordingly to get a desired outcome. Made via butane extraction, it is extracted and filtered at extremely cold temperatures. The end result provides a high-purity extract free from plant matter, fats, and waxes with a flavor profile that accurately represents the starting cannabis flower.


milk & cookies

Peach Colada

Purple Punch

Zkittlez Mintz

Duct Tape

True Glue

Auto Glue

Kush Mints

Day Tripper

Memory Loss


Wet Paint

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