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We at Mammoth Labs wanted to find a way to refine our traditional solvent extracts without the use of a Color remediation column (CRC) which typically includes filter media such as magnesium silicate (i.e. MagSil-PR, Magnesol), acid activated bentonite clays, or activated alumina. We feel these ingredients that are typically found in a CRC column may cause drastic changes in pH, flavor, and overall oil profile in order to reach a desired color. CRC extracts have gotten a bad reputation for tasting the same or like a “non” cannabis product due to the excessive use and type of media. In order to avoid using the above products, we have developed a gentler method to refine our cannabis extracts.

Crunch Berries

Peach Rings

Scotch Tape

Purple Punch

White Mamba

Brain Damage



Wet Paint


Georgia Peach


Lemon FLO

Lemon Tape

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