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ChromaFlow is our refined hash oil process using liquid column chromatography, where polarity and retention time are the driving forces allowing the isolation and removal of fats/lipids, waxes, gums, and any other polar compounds that may be dissolved during the extraction process. Extraction is performed with an N-butane dominant blend at -70 degrees Celsius to ensure a proper extraction. It then passes through an in-line chromatography column using gentle nitrogen pressure to move the saturated solvent blend through the chromatography column. This process, using a constant pressure and temperature, enables the extract to be separated into constituent components via retention time and decreasing polarity. The end result is a refined hash oil that still fully maintains the original flavor and aroma of the plant without the harshness of pH imbalance and bland taste typically associated with traditionally CRC product.

Crunch Berries

Peach Rings

Purple Punch

White Mamba

Brain Damage



Wet Paint


Georgia Peach


Lemon FLO

Lemon Tape

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